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Run against cancer




The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF Kankerbestrijding)

Do you protect yourself with sunscreen when you exercise? Not everybody remembers to do so. The sun's UV radiation is a major cause of skin cancer. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself against sunburn, also when exercising outside.

Every year, 70,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer. In most cases, skin cancer is the result of too much exposure to UV radiation or sunbeds. The more often you get a sun burn, the greater the risk of skin cancer. That is why KWF advises you to protect yourself and your children. Apply the right amount of sun cream, stay out of the sun between noon and 3 pm, and wear protective clothing, also when exercising.

Halve Marathon Rotterdam has chosen to support KWF. The organisation asks all participants to contribute to KWF. Run against cancer and for life during Halve Marathon Rotterdam!






Your run makes a difference

Cancer affects us all. One in every three people in Holland gets cancer. With the help of scientific research more and more people survive the disease. However, 45.000 people still pass away from the effects of the disease each year. With your participation in Halve Marathon Rotterdam you can make a difference for everyone affected by cancer.

Free entry ticket

If you register for Halve Marathon Rotterdam via KWF and raise a minimum amount of 500 euro in sponsor money, you will be rewarded with a free entry ticket. You will also receive the unique Run against cancer – shirt. With your own Run against cancer fundraising page it will be quite easy to raise funds!


Fundraising only

If you do not want to raise a minimum amount, you can still make an impact on cancer research. Register via Halve Marathon Rotterdam and create your own fundraiser page. There is no minimum amount of sponsor money needed. If you do reach the amount of 500 euro you will be rewarded with the unique Run against cancer – shirt. Of course KWF will help you with raising money by providing tips, tricks and examples of other successful fundraisers.



Run the extra mile and make an impact for cancer research. Run against cancer and for life. The most beautiful breakthroughs are achieved together!